Sex Dolls With Artificial Intelligence

My conversation with an AI sexbot

Here’s what it’s like to chat with a RealDoll sex robot programmed to get to know your body and your brain.
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  1. This will truly make men the superior race. Men with their sexual needs taken care of, are truly superior to women

  2. Anatomically correct…. with Double D's and a 16 inch waist… seems about right

  3. Everyone in the comments acts like this is the final version of this product and it will never get any more realistic that this. Really? In a very short, 15-20 years, Ai companions may be so realistic, you may not be able to tell it from a real person.

  4. a sex doll programmed to ask sports questions haha!! They'll probably have specific interests the dolls have to cater to the specific owner e.g. dolls that comment on video games

  5. In the future, when AI have rights and female robots are feminists, they will look back on this video and believe we were savages. When they don't understand our circumstances.

  6. You can buy 80 of them, and act like you are in Heaven. Who cares about human.

  7. Does she react to dynamic environments? Or places like the theaters? Library? Is she conscious to process where she goes or have been? Can she psychologically profile you?
    Or is she just programmed to say shit?

  8. wow are these things really taking over? it's oddly funny can't see myself investing my time or money with a plastic computerized screw-me doll with irritating windows xp voice. wonder what happens when they need an upgrade. watch out for those hackers. these things are very expensive like $5k+. this is real spaceage pimp'n pimp. i don't think real women have to worry about these screw-me dolls I think the real women need to keep their eyes on the real men.

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