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Top 5 Facts About Sex Dolls

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Everyone has at least been a bit curious about sex dolls at some point, so we’re here to cover all the sexy facts about them. In this episode we’ll be discussing the topic of sex dolls and finding out more about the subculture, as well as the work that goes into them. We’ll be asking questions like; do some men love their dolls? What role did howard stern play in the popularization of sex dolls? Can you get a furry sex doll? Are there sex doll brothels like in westworld? can you get a custom sex doll to look like a celebrity? and many more! So if you want to know more about this raunchy and sometimes odd topic be sure to check out the whole video.

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  1. wtf why the fuck is there a female sex doll give me a break. abd who the hell would pay 2000 dollars for a fucking sex doll

  2. I thought this video was going to be related to the incident in Canada with the "massage" doll that looked like a child. I suppose that was a fun fact for the creepy folks interested in that kind of thing. apparently child sex dolls are considered child pornography. Wack-a-doodle story if anyone cares.

  3. I have nothing to say negatively about people who used sex dolls simply because of the cruelty and superficial attitudes of people today

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