Sex Dolls On This Morning

Man and his sex dolls on This Morning (love dolls) – 30th March 2011

Weird interview with a man who collects sex dolls and treats them like real people with his wife! You can see Holly and Phil wanting to laugh at it


  1. you can tell by his answers he's fairly platonic with the dolls. look how old the dude is. but the hosts can't take that for an answer. they just keep grilling him.

  2. Real women never stop spending money wasting it on stupid things like handbags, those dolls don't do that, or need feeding & don't get STD,s, or have periods & moods. We are not all the same if he chose to collect guns that would be normal would it, ?. What he does in his Private life with his own hard earned money is up to him. There is a huge market for Life like silicone sex dolls so many men must buy them & I'm certain they keep it very Private unlike this man.

  3. Each to their own I guess but there is something creepy about some of the dolls who very much resembles young girls .If you look when the camera moves around the dolls you can see that there are smaller dolls then the others who do have child like features and this is what I find disturbing.

  4. I recon he's shagging all those dolls. His wife looks quite embarrassed by the whole fetish, still they probably been married forever and I bet he holds the purse strings so the wife shuts up and puts up.

  5. I can understand one doll, or even a small number of them, to assuage a single guy's loneliness, but a married guy collects 200+ of them???? He's gotta be rich, as those dolls cost $6000 apiece! And that's just the upfront cost, to say nothing of clothing, accessories & maintenance. As huge a commitment as marriage to a live partner would be, a doll would require its own investment & commitment. If I owned one, I would have to carry her from room to room throughout the house unless I wanted to keep her in my bed 24/7. And if I chose the latter I would have to keep her warm in the winter somehow (some doll owners mention using electric blankets). Oh well, whatever floats this couple's boat, let 'em do!

  6. He’s fucked them all, if they had a black light it would be like a Jackson pollock painting , look at em all with the bowed legs

  7. Couldn't watch this pile of Shit why is there child dolls message alert the wife looks uncomfortable I'm gonna leave it at that what a nonce

  8. lived round the corner from me few years back,always keeps the dolls light on lol

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