Sex Dolls For Sex Offenders

Man Creates Lifelike Child Sex Dolls For Pedophiles!? ft. Anthony Lee

This man has been creating Lifelike Child Sex Dolls for more than 10 years, believing it’ll keep Pedophiles from offending!

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Anthony Lee
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• Hosted by Julia Chow
• Commentary by: Anthony Lee, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette, Tiffany Del Real
• Edited by Byron Montilla:

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  1. Assuming that pedo urges operate like any sexual urge, then it doesn't necessarily involve addiction.

  2. They will get bored of it then want to up the anti to the real thing it's a gateway to proper child rape it's a load of crap

  3. Saying that a man who fucks a kid doll is gonna go out and rape a kid is like saying that any man who has a sex doll is gonna go out and eventually rape a woman. That's a huge assumption. This is just what this person is attracted to and it's not accepted in society nor is it legal so they have to do it by other means. If a guy wants his wife to fuck him with a dildo you can't assume he's gonna eventually leave her for a gay guy. That's assuming he wants to go through with being gay even though he just wants that choice of sexual behavior without the real thing. Basically just because what someone is attracted to is taboo doesn't make them any different from any other person that has sexual desire. That's my opinion at least. People have free will so unless you can or plan to physically stop them shut up and let them fuck the Annabel doll for all I care.

  4. It is the first time for me in YT that I feel comment area an immature pile of turds, compared to the video content.
    I do not even know these guys, the video before this one was disliked because of a shit topic, but this one.. especially the Asian guy made me smile AF. UP TO DATE LORE.

  5. The little Caucasian boy in the beginning is hi-la-rioussss! "Dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dew-dedew!" (>_<)

  6. Speaking about pedophile…did anyone read Japanese hentai comic featuring seemingly underage girls? They are all over the place, what an interesting phenomenon.

  7. Are they all that thick?
    Are we going to give dolls to serial killers to play with too? This isnt a cure… its allowing pedophiles to be fucking pedophiles and not feel guilty about it.

    If you're a pedophile get some real help because fucking a doll that looks like a baby is just as bad.

  8. I'd say this is a good thing. If you read into, Psychology, Pedophilia is just a sexual fetish such as, beastiality, necrophilia, etc. It just comes down to the person's, morals. There's numerous people out in the world who have weird sexual fetishes, but they never go and actually rape a, dead body or animal. I'd say this is a good idea, but that's just my opinion. Ya'll can disagree, it's just an opinion.

  9. I think it has its advantages and it's disadvantages. On one hand, it's satisfies their urges, but it's an addiction, almost impossible to get rid of. When you start feeding into am addiction, just like porn and drugs, you want more and more until what you have now becomes unsuitable for your needs.

  10. I gotta better treatment for pedophiles; a .45 hollow point to back of head, problem solved!

  11. All fucking idiots!you cannot compare beings hebophile, or a pedophile to being a cleptomaniac… yeah morons lets test this theory out on real children, fuck all of these idiots… you can obviously tell none of them have kids

  12. Great this Let them have tere dolls so most of them leef real childeren alone. The country is the netherlands

  13. This isn't fucked up. I think this is genius. The article says that the guy created lifelike child sex dolls for pedos to keep them from taking out their sexual desires onto real children. Pedophiles often be that way because of sexual abuse that they experience as a child themselves. So pedos create new generation of pedos. These dolls cuts off that cycle by acting as a prevention method for the current generation of pedophiles from creating new generations of pedophiles, thus we will have less or even no pedophiles in the future.

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