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Japanese Sex Dolls – Documentary

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In the land of the Rising Sun, love and relationships are in danger. A quarter of all Japanese aged 30 to 40 are virgins and 50% of the population admits to not having sex regularly. Unsurprisingly, this has led to birth rates plummeting. 30% of Japan’s population could disappear by 2060. But what are the reasons for this detachment from the world of love and sex? Tough jobs, stress, money problems… not exactly an ideal environment for finding love.

The country has developed a unique industry from this phenomenon, with the trend of ‘solo weddings’ emerging: young women in wedding dresses pose in front of the camera for their big day… except, they’re not actually marrying anyone. Paradoxically, Japan is also one of the largest producers of porn movies in the world, with many men seeming to prefer manga heroines to women their age. As Japanese men and women slowly lose the skill of connecting, courses are flourishing teaching the art of seduction.

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  1. "Do you have sexual relations with the doll?" What fucking stupid question is that? It's a fucking sex doll

  2. As Long as he isn't harming anyone good for him. But they also make sex dolls for women how. Personally I prefer the touch of a real human. But good for him as long as he's happy

  3. Perfect woman , they won't cheat, don't ask for money, or say hurtful things..Ok I'm turning Japanese

  4. sucks we cant even buy these here from other countries and have it sent to us in london , some white man tried to last year and i think it was customs in uk who opened it and was suspicious , he got put in prison ffs 🙁 i want 2 or 3 . how the fuck do i get it ? go to japan and buy them then bring them back over here ?

  5. It would be nice to male dolls for females. I'm not a fan of dolls but gotta think about females, ladies have needs too

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