Realistic Adult Dolls

138 cm Realistic Sex Doll by Sweetie Doll Shop

The 138 cm Sex Doll is petite, but busty. She has large boobs and comes with vaginal & anal function. Her skin is soft and her features are like that of a real life woman.

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This doll is not only an adult sex toy, but a work of art. We create beauties and dreams. Our mission is to promote openness & innovation towards progressive and more perfect development. We are building constantly better and workable dolls. A wide variety of products and excellent performance is our core competitiveness. Doll performance improvement leads us to greater and greater perfection. We believe that there is an expanding and developing market in the future.

The interior structures of our life-sized dolls are made of galvanized metal skeleton and various mechanical parts. The dolls can move as a real person. As the limbs can move flexibly, they can be used for photography with fixed poses. The interior structures of the dolls are filled with soft PU sponge and covered with high-quality simulation silica gel skin. The material used is imported high polymer non-toxic platinum silicone rubber. With life-like appearances and being soft and flexible, the feel and texture of DS dolls are close to a real person.