Life Size Silicone Dolls

Z-Onedoll Silicone Doll with Heating and Sound

Heating and Sound Technology


  1. hu baby your so good best I ever had your the best oh oh don't stop pound me hard your so big hu hu

  2. It still look's to me a little how I would image child molesting to be because a child is a little like a mental patient in that they do not have a mind as it has not developed yet while the same would apply here to with these rubber dolls it would be like taking advantage of a mindless person and the more Human you make them the more it would seem like it

  3. But can she make me a sandwich and bring me a drink afterwards, then take a shower and clean herself off?

  4. I read that a lot of old man that can't afford to buy real sex doll use silicon newborn's instead they are way cheaper

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