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Adult Women Robot dolls to replace women?? in summer 2018

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This video based on: Adult Women Robot dolls to replace women?? in summer 2018


  1. The girl with the blonde hair is Nikki from Love & hip hop she's not a robot lololol

  2. The thing that no one is talking about is these robots may come in handy for dudes who have certain social anxieties and mental disabilities like aspergers syndrome & autism. There are dudes who suffer from these things and can't get women. Let's be real, there are women who will not find attraction in a social retard of a sort. Let me take that back about the social retard thing.. they will not find attraction in a man who can't relate to women on social norms like average men.

  3. Im a pretty good looking guy who gets women but putting up with western women aren't worth it. A lot of money, time and energy wasted. Guy's only get into relationships thinking they will get consitant free sex, but they only get hurt and mediocre sex.

  4. This is bullshit a robot
    bitch won't replace women some of you men would fall for that shit to fuck a fake pussy. Dam man yall gotta be simps to fall for the gimmick.

  5. I like real women not some damn robot women so i would rather be in a relationship with a real woman then a robot doll woman

  6. I have two robots women's and wow they are the best.I had my robots for 4 years.the sex is better then a real woman.until you get one you will not I don't want a real woman anymore.

  7. Now I keep all my money no more child my two car's are paid for and my house is almost paid for.I am the most happy brother in America.

  8. Jonathan Black – Animatronic Humanoids (Androids) are now a reality , up until a few days ago i thought that only a rich people in japan had Androids, i thought like this was just some robots in like a university and like they would never be a thing in every day world, now i know that there becoming a reality, Androids are no longer science fiction, were now in the future… i wonder what androids will be like in the year 2030? will we see more of them? or is this only going to be for like just rich people in big cities? will having lots of these robots effect world population growth? i heard some people on one of these videos say that Japan will have a even faster shrinking population because of these Android kind of robots, i heard that many Japanese boys will just get with these androids instead of real girls… i heard that in some countries they have such population problems that the government was paying people to have children.. so would having more of these androids have any effect on world population or is all this just crazy talk i heard, cause you got to think im just some american and i really dont know about the real world outside of america or even here in my state of Ohio.. i heard lots of these robots are getting shipped to where rich people live like California and Texas. when might i start seeing these robots on the streets of Cleveland here were i live?

    Necropolis20 the stock market oracle of ohio

  9. The effeminate males that can't get real females need to get their minds out of the gutter first.Then if it's meant to be they will have a wife one day if they really want a wife.The miserable are infinitely lustful mentally in vain.They're giving themselves unnecessary pain as a result.I think dudes that want what they can't have infinitely are going to Hari Kari or masterbate until they die.

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