Adult Toys For Your Pleasure

Just about every grown up you know has some type of sexual fetish.  From sex toys to sex positions to adult fantasies.  There’s enough floating around in the adult entertainment history to cover the earth many times over.  The latest thing to hit the shelves are Sex Dolls.  No we’re not talking Ken and Barbie type figurines, we’re talking full human size silicon sex dolls!

Why A Silicon Doll?

There are endless reasons anyone would want a sex doll for themselves.  With the busy lives we lead today, perhaps you simply don’t have the time to get into an intimate relationship with someone, or perhaps you just don’t want to.  After all, being in a relationship takes a lot of work, time and you lose part of your freedom in being your own “boss”.  You’re always at someone else’s mercy or decision making process.  For other people, they simply don’t have the time.  Many people today are either traveling or working so much, they simply don’t have time for that significant other.  Also there are the divorcees who just got out of a heavy and heated relationship and jumping in yet another relationship might be a bit too soon.  Perhaps, you’re a bit on the introverted side and you’re shy beyond what any pickup artist can teach you and you’ve decided you just don’t want to put up with the hassle of trying to please someone else.

All of the above are really good reasons to own a silicon sex doll.  Just imagine, you can window shop for the type of build you want, whether male or female, do to it as you please and even when you’re done, you can carry on your normal every day life and feel that sense of relief without the worry of catching an std, or getting someone pregnant, or getting pregnant!

Are Sex Dolls Affordable?

Affordable can mean different things to different people.  For example, a date and a movie can easily cost you over $100 these days.  Now think of it if you go out every week or couple times a week.  That’s easily a few hundred bucks a month of expenses and then on top of that, you’re not guaranteed to get laid at the end of the day! Sex dolls can range from high hundreds to the high thousands.  It just depends what you’re looking for in one of these adult size life like dummies.

For others, spending a few thousand one time and not having to worry about paying for the movies, refreshments and even dinner is a cost savings in the long term.

How Real Do They Feel?

The texture of a silicone based sex dolls feels as real as human skin and many these days even come with a skeleton such that you can bend and position the doll to your satisfaction before taking pleasure to perform the sexual act of your choice.